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The Albian Chronicles is a story I've been writing on and off for about eight years. It started off as a small project to give a story to a couple of the Norns I raised, then branched out as a way of detailing the back story to the Norns, Grendels and Ettins and their creators the Shee.

The games never really detailed much of the back story to the Shee, which I find to be one of the great things about the series. Over the years many people have written stories about their digital friends, including some involving the Shee, so it's hard to write a story that attempts to encompass all of that. Hopefully everyone will be happy with the additional details.

'The first incubator'. One of several art pieces created for the story.

Currently there are two parts completed, with an additional three I'd like to eventually add. The first two parts can be downloaded here:

Creatures 1: As life began

Creatures 2: The restoration of Albia

Still to come:

Creatures 2: The great Grendel rebellion

Creatures 3

The Shee Chronicles

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