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Artwork copyright rules:

 For the Creatures Community, there are none. Feel free to share these around, revamp them, tear them apart and put them back together however you see fit.
If possible, I'd appreciate a link back to this blog so people can find the original work. But this is not mandatory and should I fall off the face of the earth, go nuts.

Time to leave the ship

For the 2011 CCSF I created a 3D image representing what I felt this years CCSF embodied.

With Grandroids well under development and Creatures 4 looking like it will still be based in a 2D world I began wondering if our dear Norns would ever make it to the mythical Sphericus.
As this years CCSF is based around the 'new', I thought it only appropriate to dedicate an image to the idea of the Norns finally reaching their new home.
The future of our beloved Creatures is uncertain (hasn't it always been?), but there is no doubt they will always have a place in our hearts, and now, a place to call their own.

Feel free to use these images as you like. Computer desktop wallpapers. Images on websites. Whatever takes your fancy. This is a gift to the Creatures Community and comes with no strings attached.
I'd appreciate a link back to this blog if you do use the image, but if I ever disappear please distribute and use them freely.

Right-click and 'save as' to download:


Protective Mother

 I recently got my hands on a copy of zBrush, a 3D sculpting application. Still being fairly new to the program I decided I needed to give it a test drive. What better way than to sculpt a savage Grendel?

Unfortunately this one is only available in one size (1920x1080). You can right-click on the image and 'save as' if you'd like a copy for your desktop.

Older Works

Over the years I've made many Creatures inspired 3D pieces. These are all very old and...well not quite up to the same standard. But they might be of interest to you. Especially since some of them make an appearance in 'The Shee Chronicles'.

Each image also has a link to my DeviantArt page where I originally posted them.


  1. The Creatures community has always been so generous. I've gotten back into Creatures after a very long hiatus. I fell in love with the series from the very first game when I was a kid and fell harder in love with it with each iteration. This picture is going ot be posted on my website under the Cool Stuff tab. Because it's cool...and makes me wish Creatures 4 wasn't making me so nervous with it's pay-to-play talk and glorified Facebook game feel.

    1. Heya Chris. Thanks for the comment. I made this image for the Creatures Community, so feel free to share it around as much as you like ;)

      I know how you feel about C4. I think Creatures could actually work well as a free-to-play game, but I really hope they avoid the Facebook game feel. I assume you've been keeping up with the forums at the C4 website? There's a fair bit of unease at the moment, but some of the posts lately have made me quietly optimistic.