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 I've made available for download the Norns from Generation2 that didn't make it into the breeding round for Generation3. Each Norn comes with the import file, a genetics file and a text file version of their genetics from the DDNA-Analyzer for those that may not have it. Also available is a zip file with all the available Norns. Enjoy!

Generation 2

Download all the Gen2 Norns here

Tracey is the daughter of Tabby and Tony, making her a Horse/Forest Norn hybrid. Being from a previous batch of Norns, Tracey has already passed on once. But due to advances in medical science we can now bring her back from the dead! Well not quite, but we can clone her using DNA samples and bring back a genetically identical version of her.
Tracey is the only Norn here who I've had to re-hatch. Because of that she's a newborn and aside from having a bite of carrot and a play with the spinning top, she's completely fresh.
I can't really say too much about her personality, because how you raise her will determine that.

The son of Trista and Heartly, I was a little concerned about Maramel as he has inherited his mother's sleep instinct disorder and may have some trouble getting a decent nap. Like Trista though he seems to be overcoming it without too much hassle.
Maramel is half Pixe, half Banana Norn.

Maelstrom is a Banana/Pixie Norn and is the first child of Trista and Justin. Maelstrom is my first serious worry of the Gen2 Norns. There appears to be LOBE and INSTINCT mutations that may be causing him issues. I'm not entirely sure how it all works yet, but I think he may be confusing 'sleep' with 'left', meaning every time I ask him to sleep he mysteriously travels to the left of screen, almost without fail. To make things worse he keeps this up for some time, regardless of whether or not he's walking into a wall, so he's causing himself a fair bit of unnecessary pain.
So far he has reached childhood and hasn't slept yet. He is however a great eater.

I can already tell Javas is going to be a joy to raise. While teaching him new words at the learning computer he took a short break to devour...8 carrots! That's got to be some kind of record! Javas definitely gets the title of best eater.
 Javas is the son of Pollen and Justin, making him half Purple Mountain Norn, part Pixie Norn.

Lentil is the second child of Pollen and Justin, making him the brother of Javas and half brother to Maelstrom and Stephanie. Lentil seems like quite the average Norn. He eats fairly well, although he's yet to be tested with other Norns around. He doesn't seem to sleep often, but he does sleep soundly at least. He does seem to have become a little obsessed with lifts, going up and down constantly unless interrupted or very hungry.

Myles is the son of Trista and Heartly. He is a Banana cross Pixie Norn. Myles seems quite smart and independent. He seems to like music quite a bit, playing with both the piano and guitar. I also suspect Myles has a bit of an adventurous streak, as he seems to have taken to pushing the vehicles around Albia quite a bit. Or maybe he just has an affinity with technology, who can really be sure?
Myles also has a mutations to a STIMULI gene that seems to suggest resting is more significant for him. Hopefully that means he'll be a much better sleeper.

Jupitor is the final child of Tabby and Justin. He is party Pixie part Forest Norn. Jupitor has been quite a joy to raise, as he's very attentive and learns quickly. I barely had to push a button for him at the learning computer.
Together we have travelled most of Albia, and he got along quite well with Redrum, the local Grendel. Hopefully this is indicative of how he will behave when he meets a couple of Norns.

Miu: Miu was the result of a bad wolfing run. The run was bad because the Norns went extinct, but for Miu it was especially bad. Upon birth she had a terrible mutation that made it impossible for her to detect stimuli coming from the world, making her blind, mute and mostly crippled. Digging around in her genetics I found the issue and corrected it via the Genetics Kit. Now Miu seems to be a perfectly normal Norn who would do well in any world.

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