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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The creatures rebirth

So I finally got around to finishing 'Mirrors Edge' a couple of weeks ago and found myself without a game to play. For some strange, nostalgic reason I decided to boot up Creatures 3 again.

Upon returning to the creatures community I discovered a few new things have been developing. Firstly I found the CFE breeds which has given me a new lease on Norn raising. So much nicer when they can actually hunt for food and don't run up and try to hug Grendels upon their first meet.

I was also finally able to get my hands on the Creatures Mall breeds and was very happy to see how they behave different, compared to the recoloured breeds like Fallow or Zebras.

And finally I found out about the C2toDS project that was underway. I've been in touch with the creators and I'm currently working on some of the graphics stuff. So hopefully you'll get to see some of my 3D stuff in the near future.

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