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Friday, June 25, 2010

Observation: Population

After my population maxed out and I started building up some excess eggs I made a few changes to the world to try and keep things a little more stable.

I dramatically culled the food supplies in all the rooms, making it impossible for a large number of Norns to survive in the same place. This had a nearly instant effect with half the Norns in the Norn terrarium making the move to the Jungle. Since then most of them have move on to the desert and I have a good spread of Norns across most of the world.

It seems the Norns have good instincts to find food and will naturally migrate when their area starts to run low. I'm going to try and have some fun with this idea by occasionally reducing the amount of food naturally found in rooms to force most of the population to keep moving.

I also introduced additional bacteria to all the rooms with the use of the Bubonic Bulge. It's difficult to tell exactly what caused it, but my population has been dramatically reduced. Instead of the 45 Norns I had, I am now down to 27 with no spare eggs. I do still have a few Norns left to import from SAM5, but they're all Toxic Norns now and I'd rather not give the Toxic tribe such a massive advantage.

It is a tad worrying at the moment, as a large chunk of my population has reached old age and can no longer breed. Hopefully the new generation coming through will consist of some good breeders.

In other sad news, Ono has just died, marking the death of all the first generation Norns.

Several Grendels have passed out of the C1 part of the world, but few have survived and at present the Grendel population is mostly situated in C1. I've introduced some Killer Grendels to the mix. They've quite savage beasts and will often kill off other Grendels. So far they're all still hanging out in C1 and have only killed a couple of Norns who have ventured into that part of the world. Eventually though they're sure to escape and are bound to be a massive selective force on the Norns.

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