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Friday, June 18, 2010

Observation: Tribe updates

Just noticed something mildly interesting about these blog pages. They're in a different time zone. So just to make sure there's no confusion, no I'm not writing up posts at 4:30 in the morning :P Just in case people thought I was a closet, late night Norn player. Coz you know, I care what all you online people think of me ;)

Anyway...ah yes, the tribes.

My goodness, what have I done right!? My population has boomed. I currently have a population of 42 creatures (and boy is the world starting to feel it). 2 Ettins, 10 Grendels and however many left over makes the Norns...30. Yeah my maths is fantastic.

The portal between the Norn Garden and Norn Terrarium has been getting a lot of use. The Apple/Treehuggers and the Bondi's have been mixing nicely and we've even got a couple of crossbreeds showing up.

Strangely I noticed the Hardman, although having access to a teleporter and being overcrowded (note I said teleporter, not portal. Why on earth are there two categories for essentially the same thing?) they weren't using it. I decided to give them access to an interporter (the interporters have the option of linking them all up in a portal loop) and they instantly started spreading around the world.

So keep that in mind people. Norns tend to avoid teleporters but make a beeline for the portals. It may have something to do with the interporter reducing their crowdedness slightly.

Hardman Tribe:

The Hardman's seem to be doing extremely well this run. Although they still spend most of their day angry they tend not to talk about it as much and can instead be found...doing all those other things Norns do.

The training dummy seems to be a fantastic asset and gets used regularly. I'm also happy they don't spend all their time hitting it. Perhaps a handy side effect is that the portal and training dummy are close by and once they've drained their anger they realise their surrounded by relatives and bolt for the portal. Just a theory but I'll have to check it's validity.

Since they were semi cut off from the other Norns for quite some time the Hardman have spent all their time breeding in the Meso with their own tribe. And they've been doing a swell job of it. They're breeding at least as much as any other Tribe and are in the lead in terms of generation number. Hopefully now they have better access to the rest of the world we'll start to see some more inter tribe breeding.

Toxic Tribe:

The Toxic tribe are clearly progressing the slowest this run and it's entirely my own fault. I ah...may have forgotten to import them...:(

Never to mind, they're in there now and they've already given birth to a little one. Certainly I expect them to catch up reasonably well, considering their strong breeding genes and their migrating abilities.

Bondi Tribe:

The Bondi tribe seem to be travelling a little slowly, but nothing to be worried about yet. They tend to live quite a bit longer anyway. On top of that they're breeding a fair bit with the Treehugger tribe which is producing some very cute crossbreeds.

Treehugger/Apple Tribe:

The Apple Norns are fantastic breeders. I currently have the max children per norn set to 6, after which they'll become infertile. Tooty, the original female Apple norn is already bordering that number. Bannan, her male partner isn't far behind. They've mostly breed with each other, but there's a few Apple/Treehugger and Apple/Bondi crossbreeds showing up. Now the Hardman have entered the Norn Terrarium hopefully we'll see the final combination.

Again the Treehuggers seem to be struggling. They began reasonably strong and they've passed on enough genetic material to ensure their place in the next generation or two but as the world is slowly getting more crowded they're breeding less and less. Their instinct is to run away from other Norns when crowded, rather than start pushing some cuddly trees. Fingers crossed there will some tougher cross breeds that will get rid of the 'easily overcrowded' gene and give them a fighting chance.

Chichi Tribe:

As I said in a previous post, when the first generation Norns start to pass on I will introduce some Norns from previous runs. So far Cherwood (Treehugger) and Joan (Hardman) have passed, making way for Pecs and Taret to follow in their wake.

Taret is a Norn from a run when I only had the free breeds. She seems to be a combination of Astro, Civet and Bengal. She is generation 10, but other than that there really isn't anything interesting to add.

Pecs was my first child while testing the Apple Norns for the first time. He is a Hardman cross Apple Norn and seems to have a lovely disposition. So far none of that anger shown in the Hardmans.


Early on I wanted to test if the C1 Grendel update was working so I threw all my Grendels into the C1 expansion and left them there. Not only has the update mostly fixed the floating body parts issue, but they've thrived. I now have 10 Grendels wondering about and they seem pretty happy with their environment.

Little do they know I'm planning to open the flood gates on their peaceful existence and allow them to interact with the Norns again by hooking them up to another interporter. It will be interesting to see whether they flood back into the Ark or if they stay hidden in the past.

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