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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creatures Project: Creatures 4 Prototype released

The first release of the project I've been working on is now available! Woop!

A while ago I read through the "What would you like to see in Creatures 4" thread over at Creaturetopia and got rather inspired. So I thought, why bother waiting around for Gameware to make us another Creatures product. This community, despite it's size is very passionate and skilled. Why don't we do something?

Now obviously there are copyright issues and blah blah blah...This project could never be marketed. But maybe we can put something together and generate enough interest to get Gameware to take another look at the series.

So here is the first prototype for a potential Creatures 4 game. Now before anyone goes getting their hopes up, this release doesn't have any creatures. That's some serious programming, not to mention scientific knowledge that currently I just don't have.

This release is just a collection game, where you collect food in preparation for the hatching of your Norns. It tries to deal with some of the issues raised in the Creaturetopia thread about a 3D creatures game.

That said, my next project is going to be an attempt to make a Norn. It won't be anywhere in the league of the creatures from the original games, but I figure a tamagotchi style game would be enough to wet appetites.

Feel free to post any comments you might have here, but for lengthy discussions I'd ask that you leave posts on the new Creaturetopia thread I've created specifically for this. Just keeps things tidy and makes sure everyone gets to be part of the conversation.

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