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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Observation: Teamwork?

Good grief, I think my Norns have developed a sense of teamwork.

It may be a little hard to tell what's going on in this picture, what with the endless expressions of love. The elder Toxic Norn there is continually pushing the dispenser. The massive gathering of Norns are all hanging around for the free food coming their way.

Could this be an example of Norns finally learning to work together!? Or could it just be a sign my world is about to crash from excess puddings?


  1. Very interesting! I think it would be along the lines of teamwork if the Norns alternated pushing the dispenser. I think they latched onto someone with a little OCD! However, this is one of the first instances of something resembling non-verbal teamwork, and it will be neat to see if they find any other ways to work together. Let's just hope the excess puddings end up in some tummies very soon!

  2. Oh there's no doubt a generation or two got very fat off this OCD Norn. Sadly when she passed on the Norns very quickly dispersed. Downside is it's not an example of teamwork. Upside is they've started migrating around the world again.