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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Island: Welcome Tiggy

Taken me a while to work up the courage to do it, but I've finally combined the Norn file I've been working on with the world you guys have hopefully already seen.

A couple of things exploded, but all in all it was a fairly painless procedure.

I now have code working that makes the Norn walk over to anything tagged 'food' (cheese and coconuts at the moment) when its hunger reaches a certain percentage. At its basic level the code works, but at present it's still riddled with bugs. Just a couple I've come across include:

Norn will walk through solid objects to get at the food, regardless of whether the object has a collision mesh attached to it.

When objects rot the Norn will sometimes try to go after another piece of food. I think this may have something to do with a bug I've found in the coconut trees.

Norns head can do a complete 360 (Exorcist anyone?)

Only the Norns head turns to look at an object. It will walk backwards or sideways rather than turning around when moving towards objects.

On the plus side though I've converted the original health kit into a GUI (Graphical User Interface) element rather than it being a polygon object. This now means that you can turn it on and off like any other kit. The down side is it's not quite as pretty as it was before. But hey, functionality over pretty, right?

Oh, did I mention the creatures view window? :D


  1. Awesome! Show us a little film once the worst bugs are gone. Your dedication is inspiring.

    Did you find contact with the lifandi people, btw? I red they needed a norn model to test skins on or something.

  2. Glad you like it Bart :D Naturally the further I dig into this the harder the code is getting (and the more rewarding the pay off). Hopefully I can keep up with regular updates, but I've started working again and wont have as much time to dedicate. There is still nights and weekends however :D

    Haven't got in touch with anyone at Lifandi yet, but I'm actually in the process of writing an email to someone there, so hopefully that'll have some interesting results soon.