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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Island: brb

Hey guys and gals,

Just letting you all know 'The Island' project isn't quite dead yet, but I've needed to put things on hold for a while with work and personal life.

Getting very close to the end of a project with work and my computer has been a dedicated part of the render farm for the past two weeks. Not easy to play in Unity with all four cores being sucked up by rendering.

I'm also planning a holiday shortly and will be disappearing on a road trip for two weeks. My mate and I are planning on going up the coast of Australia to watch the Ashes (major cricket event for those who don't know) with a few pitstops along the way to do some rock climbing and fishing.

Once I return I'll once again be under the pump to get the next animation done before Christmas and doubt I'll have a great deal of time for personal projects again.

Hopefully over the holiday break I'll dedicate some time towards reading up on AI and come back with some strong concepts to work from.

I guess what I'm saying here is don't expect anything significant before next year :( I'll do my best to keep things updated, at the very least with my musings and readings, but I severely doubt there will be any game updates for people to play around with.

Thanks to those who have followed thus far and I ask for your patience for future endeavours.

Cheers guys ;)

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