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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's alive!

Well guys, again my apologies for leaving you in the dark for such a long period. Work has been extremely busy and looks to be for at least the next month. Fortunately I've found a little time in between meetings to make those coding adjustments and finally have something worthwhile to show. So, without further ado, here is the first video of a Norn walking about 'The Island'.

Youtube: The Island: Norns in 3D

So as you can see, although buggy, we are now at a point where we have a cute little Norn wandering about the world.

Now unfortunately, that's where I'm going to leave the project for some time. I understand this will disappoint a few people, but I believe I have an extremely good reason for it.


If you haven't already heard (shame on you) Steve Grand is back to his old tricks creating artificial life with his new project 'Grandroids'. Simply put, as interesting and fun as my work on this subject has been, I can't compete with the master.

I've added both the Grandroids kickstarter page, and Steve's personal blog to my 'check every day' list as I, like all the creatures community, am absolutely exstatic that this game is going to be made. I know I am vastly more interested to hear what Steve is up to rather than working on 'The Island' and I assume other's will feel the same way.

I now intend to wait patiently for Steve to make progress on Grandroids and plan on getting involved in the new Grandroids community and the creation of new assets when Steve releases the Beta and API.

That said, don't fear. I am not going anywhere just yet. I've started playing Creatures 1 again and have a whole group of Norns I'll be introducing to you in my next post. I'm not sure yet what kind of adventures or evil scientific experiments I'll get up to with them, but hopefully it will be interesting enough to keep people reading.

So until then...

Go make a pledge to Steve Grand's kickstarter project. There's some nice rewards to be earned and you'll be helping make history by funding one of the most important developments in AI/A-life...ever!

Grandroids Kickstarter project

Steve's Blog


  1. Aww it's a pity you'll be stopping The Island. But at least there is another game we can look forward to.

  2. I know, Grandroids is some of the most exciting games new I've heard in a while. And it tops my excitement charts for AI.

    If I pick up The Island again it will likely be a completely new concept. Obviously I wouldn't be able to sell The Island in it's current state due to copywrite. But if I were to come up with my own IP...

    I've become very interested in this subject and intend to do more reading on AI/A-life. If I find any interesting stuff I'll make sure to post it.

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