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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creatures 1: Heartly


This should be a relatively short entry as Heartly, although having been a wonderful Norn to raise, is genetically quite dull. I also raised him on the computer at my parents place and email him back home, so I'm very limited in terms of photos I have.

Heartly has been a great Norn to raise. He sleeps and eats well, often eating multiple mouthfuls of honey, or several carrots in one sitting. He also has a facination with lift buttons, which keeps him entertained.

He has the usual genetic changes that allow him to die of old age and prevent antioxidants from turning into the ageing chemical.

As well as that he has a very small mutation to one of his lobe genes, number 120. This has changed the rest state of that gene from 80 to 88. And from what I can tell this lobe effects one of his unallocated senses. Which basically means it does nothing. I do wonder what the point of this gene is if it doesn't do anything, so I could be wrong. But with my current understanding of lobe genes, it truly seems to be completely unimportant.

So that's it for Heartly. He's been a great Norn to raise and I hope he does well in the future run. I'd especially like to see some offspring between him and Tabby, as I'm a huge fan of the Pixie Norns and Tabby's genetics are something special.

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