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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creatures 1: Tony

So here we go again with a bunch of new Norns. As I said in my last post, this time I'll be introducing Tony.


Tony has just jumped into his adult form at one and a half hours and I'll need to export him shortly, so I figured now was a good time to do some introductions.

Tony has been quite a joy to raise. I don't know yet if he's particularly clever, or if it's just that much easier to train Norns when you don't have another 5 running about hitting each other. I'm guessing probably the latter.

Tony has been a splendid eater, often eating multiple carrots in one sitting without additional prompting from me. He also seeks food for himself a lot of the time and I haven't needed to force feed him at all. I do still bring him the food most of the time, but I don't need to tell him "push food" to get him to eat. Occasionally he will even find food all by himself!

Sleeping is a little more of an issue. Although he has slept, and slept soundly, he doesn't seem to respond when I ask him to "sleep". But then again, I'm yet to have a Norn that does. I'm actually wondering if they understand me at all.
All in all, not a fantastic sleeper, but better than most I've had.

In older life Tony has got a little bored, which is probably due to being on his own a lot, although he does seem to enjoy the company of the local Grendel, Bob, and has been teaching him to speak a little. Bob has also returned the favour on occasion, but with less success thankfully.

Tony's favourite toy seems to be the ball, which is hardly uncommon. Although he does periodically try and get rid of them. I think he was playig hide and seek with Bob. He has also dabbled in music a bit, but hasn't really spent enough time around them to fully appreciate their brilliance. Tony's favoured past time seems to be playing with buttons and lifts. He seems quite able to get himself around.

The only interesting thing in his genetics is the changes to his ageing genes, which I already knew about.

Although genetically uninteresting, Tony has been a lot of fun to raise, and has spent most of his life so far with a big smile on his face. Hopefully his foraging skills will come in handy for the next stage of his life, when I release him into the wild to breed.

I'm going to keep playing with him for another hour or so, just to see if he continues his good eating habits further into his adult life. Then, I shall hatch another Norn, probably a female this time.

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