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Monday, April 18, 2011

Creatures 1: When do you admit you might have an immortal?

Fairly self explanitory. At what point do you admit you might have an immortal Norn on your hands? I'm dumbfounded by the age of my Norns. Bella has just hit 20 hours and she doesn't show any signs of slowing down!

She's still in the adult stage of life. Every now and then she pops out another egg. The average age of a C1 Norn is meant to be 15 hours, and although that's a great deal longer than C2 or 3, 20 hours is getting a little crazy.

I've very fond of my Norns, particularly some of the older ones, but at some point we need to move on to the next generation. I hope to eventually do some selective breeding, but at this rate I'll never get past my first incubator hatched Norns.

Bell is over 20 hours.
Aaron is just about to hit 19 hour.
Gorden is 18.5 hours.
Poppet is 17.5 hours.
Petter is 16.5 hours.
Bolly is just about to go 15 hours.
And there's a heap more sitting between the 10-14 hours.

The greatest concern is if one of my original hatchery Norns was immortal and passed on the gene (like say Bella) then almost all my Norns will be.

I've been watching Bella's 'ageing' chemical and although I haven't seen it drop, it does appear to be going down VERY slowly. Of course that might just be in my head.

So the question is, at what age to I presume she is immortal and export her? And out of curiousity, does anyone know what the longest known life span is for a (non-immortal) Norn?

EDIT: Okay, I just went back and checked Bella's ageing chemical again and it's definitely gone up! Is that even possible? When I checked before she hadn't eaten for a while and her life force was low. Now it's back up and she' doing better, but I doubt that could actually make her younger? Right? Right!?


  1. I do know that if you take care of a c1 norn well enough they can live for ever as they have no death gene.

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