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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creatures 1: Trista

Blond of hair and full of life,
Beneath the glittering pixie lights,
Trista closed her eyes once more,
To wake again at heavens door.

A sleepless babe the kits did say,

Though you and I know better,

She leaves her prodigy in tact,

There's none that shall forget her.

Another friend, another life,
Another tear to shed,
We'll remember you, our caring friend,
And see you in the life ahead.

R.I.P - Trista


  1. Farewell, Trista. No one shall forget you! Another excellent farewell post, ArchDragon. As with Heartly's eulogy, this one also made me pause for a moment of silence.

  2. It takes quite a bit of effort, but I intend to do one for each of the Norns who pass. I'll probably end up limiting the poems to the first generation though, as they're far from easy to write.

    Sadly my next post will also be another poem :(