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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Generation 1: Awards night

Although all of these beloved Norns have passed on into the great unknown, I feel it's fitting to pay tribute to the successes they had in life.

Age before beauty owl statue

Age before beauty:
This award goes to the Norn who outlasted any of the others. With a total of 13 hours and 30 minutes of life, the winner is Tabby!
2nd place goes to Lillai, who survived 13 hours and 19 minutes. A noble effort indeed.

Beauty before age handheld mirror
Beauty before age:
This award goes to a Norn who, despite her age never showed any signs of her aging. The winner is Lillai! Not having any old age sprites, Lillai managed to stay youthful in appearance until the day she died. Got get'em girl ;)
The wooden spoon for this aware goes to Heartly, passing away at 10 hours and 37 minutes, the youngest death by nearly an hour!

Boy Scouts:
Boy Scout Badge
Breeding Norns can be a chore at any time, but managing to not only pop out 5 babies, but to have all of them be boys is quite astounding! The winner of this aware is Tabby, giving birth to Totem, Techie, Trillo and Jupitor!
Good grief the poor girl must have been eaten out of house and home.

Girl Guide Badge
Girl Guides:
Just as impressive was Lillai, giving birth to three beautiful baby girls. Considering there are only four females in Gen2, she's done very well for the future generations.

Best Breeder: 
But now, the award you all came to see. This award goes to the Norn who most successfully passed on his or her genetics to the following generation, securing them a place in Albian history.
And the winner is...

The Best Breeders Chalice
Heartly! With a massive 8 children to his name!
Totem, Maramel, Mayflur, Techie, Trillo, Lentil, Causty and Myles...give you father a big round of a-paws.


I'd like to take a moment now to give a big thanks to all the fans out there. You people who play, create and love this game as much as I do. Without you and your support these awards nights would not be possible. So give yourselves a big round of a-paws too.

Tiggy and I thank you for coming and we hope to see you all here when the next generation snuffs it.


  1. These are awesome, ArchDragon! Very unique awards. Your Norns outlasted my first generation population by quite a bit: My eldest was Ingelill, who lived to be 12 hours and 35 minutes old. Quite amazing that Tabby had five boys! It's also interesting that there are only four second generation females. Never can rely on a 50/50 split when it comes to births!

    I sent you a message over at Creaturetopia, by the way. Not sure if you got a notification!

    Did you create the images for the awards? I adore that owl statue: So cute! Thanks for a great update: I'm so glad I've been able to follow your blog! You deserve a round of "a-paws" yourself for everything you've written about. It's certainly got me more interested in C1... If that's possible. Ha ha!

  2. I'm not surprised your Norns may not have lived as long. You had them all in the world at the same time didn't you? My Norns were constantly being imported and exported so I could make sure they were at peak condition most of the time.

    I sat down and wrote up which children belonged to which parents and was dumbfounded about Tabby.

    I did create the images for the awards, although I have to admit I did download both the owl and the mirror models as I got lazy :P

  3. Very nice! Now on to the next Gen!