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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creatures 1: Gen3 - Seebal & Toff

I think it's about time we got back into checking out the genetics of a few new Norns. Today's new recruits to the breeding pool are Seebal and Toff. Interestingly enough they both Lillai as a grandmother, however none of their parents are the same.


Although still relatively young, Seebal is rather good at taking care of himself. He's already been on quite an adventure around the world, and a fair bit of that time we spent alone, as Totlet was in the world at the same time and I kept ducking back and forth between the two.
He is the child of Mayflur and Techie.
He has a couple of new mutations, although only one of them is of much interest.


First off Seebal has a mutation in his HALF-LIVES. It is however extremely minor, as it has changed the initial concentration of chemical '078', which as far as I'm aware does absolutely nothing. Even more so it's dropped it from 255 to 253, so even if it did do something, it's a very minor mutation.
Let's not forget though, that at any point in a future generation there's no reason a chemical couldn't mutation to any other, including this one. There's always a possibility this mutation could play a part in the future.

1: '078' 253
1: '078' 255

The other mutation is actually rather prominent, and may cause some minor issues once Seebal reaches maturity. The mutation is in his STIMULI region, and may effect his SexDrive.

92: Creatures pats me, sig=80 GS neu=0(I've been patted) int =254, Sensed even when asleep => 48*NFPDecrease + 16*LonelinessDecrease + 31CrowdednessIncrease + 8*NONE

92: Creatures pats me, sig=80 GS neu=0(I've been patted) int =255, Sensed even when asleep => 48*NFPDecrease + 16*LonelinessDecrease + 31CrowdednessIncrease + 8*SexDriveIncrease

As you can see from this, getting patted by other creatures usually increases SexDriveIncrease, thus leading to a higher SexDrive overall. However Seebal is missing this chunk of the gene, and won't produce additional SexDriveIncrease. This could mean getting into a bout of snuggling doesn't really do it for him, and may make reproduction more difficult.
The SexDriveIncrease is set pretty low though, so I've no doubt SexDrive comes from many other sources. I doubt this will be a massive hindrance for Seebal, but there's no doubt it's a bad mutation.

In addition to these brand new mutations, Seebal inherited a couple of nice ones that are worth briefly mentioning.

Gene 98: Decreases NFP, Boredom, Loneliness and SexDrive when objects come into his view.

Gene 99: Is very similar in that it decrease the same drives, but upon hearing new words. This was a new gene introduced with the Ron/Forest Norns and should encourage learning.

Genes 327,328,329 and 330: All work to reward based upon instincts. Seebal will be rewarded for approaching food or herbs upon hearing the words, he will be rewarded for retreating from weeds and for resting.

That said Seebal has been an excellent learner. He and Bilp spent quite a bit of time in front of the computer, teaching each other English. To be fair though, I think Bilp was doing most of the button mashing.


Toff is the child of Enza and Bonza, and like Seebal she comes off Lillai's family tree. For interest sake, she is named after my favourite character from Avatar (The airbender, not the blue hippy cats).

Although she's still quite young, Toff seems quite good at taking care of herself, and is quite sociable. She and Seebal have been inseparable since they met.
She doesn't seem so great when it comes to nap times unfortunately, but that may be due to an inherited mutation.


Toff only appears to have a single mutation from her parents. It lies within her RECEPTOR genes, and I'm optimistic it won't have any impact on her.


162: Ado chem=Testosterone, thresh=0,nom=0,gain=255, features=Analogue
162: Ado Creatures, Reproductive, become fertile if high, chem=Testosterone, thresh=0,nom=0,gain=255, features=Analogue

Generally I underline the part of the gene that has mutated, but in this case it's not possible because it's just not there. Somehow it seems like the part of the gene that expresses where chemical is associated (inside the creatures reproductive organs in this case) has been deleted!
I've absolutely no idea what could cause this. I've always thought genes could be delete, duplicated or mutated, but I've never seen a gene partially deleted before. My only guess is that instead of being associated with the creatures reproductive organs, the gene mutated to a value of zero.
Fortunately I've checked this in the genetics kit and it seems to have repaired itself and been set to her reproductive organs anyway.


The other mutation worth mentioning is one inherited from Bonza. This is a mutation I was really hoping would get bred out, but that hasn't happened this generation. This mutation prevents Toff from receiving reward chemical when resting whilst tired. Naturally this means she may have some issues getting a good sleep.

136: 5 0 Emb BMutDupCut, Drive i/ps Tiredness + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) and I rest => 93*<048>
135: 5 0 Emb BMutDupCut, Drive i/ps Tiredness + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) and I rest => 93* Reward

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  1. Seebel seems to have quite a nice set of genes, hopefully the bad gene won't stopping him from passing on those good genes.