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Monday, November 19, 2012

Norn sleeping issues

Everyone knows that Norns suffer from sleeping issues. Although the C3 Norns found ways around this, the C1&2 Norns have always had issues.

In the past I've always put it down to being distracted by other things, stubbornness or even just plain stupidity. But lately I've been wondering if it is something more and perhaps an issue with the game moreso than their brains or genes.

The other day I took a dive into the Genetics Kit to see if I could find something. I went through all the genes related to sleeping and so far at least I haven't found anything that leads me to think there's anything wrong there.

But tonight I found myself in a fortunate position of having a new Norn who I was raising and trying to get her to take her first nap. Simply for interests sake I opened up both the Health Kit and Science Kit and watched little Sprinkles' brain for a bit.

I examined the 'Brain activity' page in the Health Kit, as well as the 'Decisions' and 'Brain scanner' tabs in the science kit.

Here is the result I got when asking her to sleep. She kept her eyes on me the whole time and the 'Brian activity' did not change. I watched the 'Brain scanner' as well as the 'Decisions' to the same effect. Which is to say there wasn't any. It's still early days but basically I can't decern any intelligent response from Sprinkles when talking to her on the subject of nap time.

I must admit I've had this incling for a while. My Norns pretty much ignore me when I ask them to sleep, tending to be distracted by other things nearby.

There is a difference between 'rest' and 'sleep' in C1. Resting is what a Norn does when they lay down, but sleeping is largely an involuntary action and something the Norns can't choose to do. This is not dissimilar to our own bodies and brains.

My initial concern was that maybe by telling a Norn to 'sleep' you were asking them to perform the involuntary action, rather than resting. However after checking the Genetics Kit this seems unlikely.

Regardless though, the Norns do seem to have issues understanding the concept of sleep. I'll be probing into this further and one day hope to adjust the genetics to make Norns who understand the need for sleep.

In the mean time I'd love to hear what experiences others have had, and whether or not you're getting the same results I do.

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