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Friday, November 8, 2013

Perfecio Norns released

One of the things I really like about Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings is the way they give presents to their guests on their birthday, rather than receiving them. I can't remember if that's properly explained during the movies, but it was an interesting point in the first book.

Why do I bring this up? Well, today happens to be my birthday, and in the traditional Hobbit way, I have a gift for all of you!

I've finally reached a point where I'm happy to officially release the Perfecio Norns!

For those that haven't been following my progress over the last couple of weeks, the Perfecio Norns name is taken from the Latin word for perfection. Unlike today's meaning of "without flaw", in Latin it originally meant "to finish" or "to bring to an end".

The aim of this Creatures 1 breed wasn't to create a 'perfect' Norn (whatever that might mean), but to create a breed that could fulfill what I thought the original breeds should have.

These breeds are meant to be significantly better eaters and sleepers, as well as having a more realistic immune system. With a bit of training these Norns can basically take care of themselves without interference. They can still be distracted by other Norns and forget to take care of themselves, but that's something I'm still working on. No doubt there will be a Perfection 2.0 release some time shortly.

As well as this they've had a whole heap of genes tweaked, removed or added which should give them an advantage over the original breeds. Some time soon I'll release a full breakdown of their genetics, but a quick taste of some of the new genes are:

Food searching: These creatures have instincts which encourage them to travel in search of food.

Improved digestion: As well as generally being able to manage their hunger drive better, these Norns will use energy to move about.

Toxin fighting: In addition to a more realistic immune system, these Norns can actually fight off toxins like Glycotoxin, although they are still quite susceptible to it.

And much more!

Jump over to the new 'Breeds' page to download your Perfecio Norns today. The pack comes with a male and female of each original breed (Banana, Pixie and Horse). More breeds will become available over time.


  1. I'm so excited to give these guys a try! I'm new to your blog, having just returned to Creatures for the first time in years. I'm a huge genetics nerd, so I find reading your work here terribly interesting. Can't wait to play with your first release of results!

    1. Hey 599b4700....ah screw it, I'm not copying that whole name out.

      Anyway, thanks for the support. Very sorry that you started reading my blog at about the same time I stopped working on it, but hopefully you got some good reads in none the less.

      I often go through cycles of playing Creatures, so even if I disappear for a bit, I will return now and again. So don't worry, there will be more blog posts in the future.