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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feral Run Intentions: Mirgration

I've recently been playing with the new C2toDS world in production by Moe and several others and found the size of the world in comparison to any room in Creatures 3/Docking station to be gigantic. I thought this could offer some features that may not have been explored previously in Creatures 3.

The first would be how well Creatures 3 Norns could survive in such a large environment, considering their genomes had been written with smaller metarooms in mind. Would they get lost and confused in such a large world?

The other thing I thought would be interesting to explore would be the possibility of migration and ring species.

Migration is something many people have wished were more prominent in the creatures games. Generally people have spoken about having environments change dependant on season, which should then force the Norns to move to a new area for food. Although at present the game doesn't have systems set up for this I thought I could attempt to simulate it.

This could best be achieved by the placement of food sources. Since creatures usually need a supply of protein (fruit), fat (food) and starch (seeds) to get along comfortably I figured I could place supplies of these foods intermittently throughout the world, so no creature would be able to have all three sources in the one place.

Obviously ring species would be impossibly due to the limitations on creature evolution, but I thought this could be closely observed through breeds instead of species. For example, I have set my starter world up so that each breed of norn starts in their own unique environment (outlined in detail below).

This should allow me to observe when 'species' meet and breed and whether or not certain breeds stay in one area, migrate, breed only within their own species etc.

The purpose of this run is to see how long and to what degree isolated populations will migrate and breed, and what results this achieves in the children.

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