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Thursday, June 3, 2010

World set up


I've recently obtained all the breeds from creatures mall (Treehuggers, Hardman, Bondi, Toxic and Banshi) as well as learning about the Gizmo and CFE breeds.

I've set up a new world with these breeds in mind. I will be using the CFE breeds for Treehuggers, Hardman, Bondi and Toxic. I am still contemplating whether or not to include the Chichi Gizmos as I'm not sure what effects breeding CFE and Gizmos will have.

I have set up several of the metarooms as starting points for each breed and tried to make the environments to their liking.

The treehugger norns have been placed in the Norn Garden metaroom, along with a heap of extra toys and a tuba dispenser on the bottom level to keep a reasonable level of food in the room. There is generally enough fruit and seeds to go around for a small group.
Also included is the cuddly tree.

The Bondi norns will be hatched in the Burrows (Terra Nornia) metaroom. Not a lot comes default with this room, so a whole heap of stuff has been added. All the food sources have been placed in such a way that a norn would need to travel to get all three nutrients. Needing less food in general I thought this starting point would suit the Bondi's best.

Included are the potted rainbow bamboo. With the Norn garden injected these will grow in certain areas.
The bramboo and a dispenser.
Tubas and dispenser.
Tomato and acorn plants from the super food dispenser.
Beelacanth flowers (produce seeds).
Strategically placed potted plants, including the Gelsemuim and Chilli plant.

Crobsters have also been included, but with the way the pond works it is unlikely the Norns will be able to get to them. I have used Moe's Room changer agent to allow plants to grow in certain areas and will experiment to see if I can get crobsters to breed the same way.

Currently I have started the Bondi norns on the top level of the metaroom. Depending on what path I choose to take I may add the Gizmo chichi norns on a lower level and see when they meet up.

A teleporter is included on the top level to allow access back to the docked world.

The Norn meso has been turned into an area for the Toxic Norns. This was chosen because when injected, the stinking stump plant places itself all around the ship, but the only creature room they are injected into is the meso.

The cak-in-a-box and toxic trashcan have been added, as well as a hoosh dispenser from Creatures 1. Several toys have been added, more for my enjoyment than theirs.

I will be interested to see the results of having the treehuggers in such close proximity to the toxics, as I've heard the toxics don't breed very well with other Norns.

The original Norn terrarium has been set up for the Hardman. This area was chosen for the Harman due to it's proximity to the Grendels and the jungle terrarium. I figured if any of the breeds would survive the Grendels it would be the Harman.

Pear and tomato plants have been added, as well as the shee pears that grow from the giant trees. Acorn plants were initially added, but have already gone extinct. This plant seems to be a little fragile and will need to be monitored closely, and possibly replaced later.

Other than a few toys the only other addition of interest is the cuddly tree. Hopefully it will keep them from beating each other to death.

In addition to this, all rooms have been set up with amulets of teaching. The first generation will be taught using these and then left alone. Hopefully the younger generations will also use them, although it is usually a trial to get a Norn to push them at all, as they are categorised as 'tool'.

*Changing the ground type has indeed made it possible to breed crobsters. Now I just have to hope it doesn't drown the norns in the process.
** Just tested the theory on a poor C1 Grendel. Sadly the theory of drowning creatures holds true and I will have to be very selective as to where I place the crobsters.

I intend to raise the first generation of Norns by hand, making sure they can all speak properly and have reasonable survival skills before setting them loose on the world.

In addition to this I have C1toDS installed should space ever become an issue. It is currently sealed off to the rest of the world, although it does have a warp portal open for interests sake.

Ettins and Grendels

I also have Grendels and Ettins in this world, as well as the Banshee Grendels for a bit of diversity. I have no intentions of monitoring their progress, however I have given them a fighting chance by including the Eggonicer, which permits the natural laying of both male and female of the species. Hopefully they will do alright for themselves and maybe something interesting will happen in their development. The Eggonicer has been set up to ignore Norn eggs.

I have also made some changes to the jungle and desert terrariums to give both Grendels and Ettins a better chance of survival, as well as hopefully keeping them in their own rooms a little more often.

The jungle has the awkwood creeper and chilli plant, as well as some rainbow bamboo.
The desert has been given rainbow bamboo, triffid and trumpet plants. It remains to be seen how well the latter two will survive.

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