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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Observations: Hardman Norns

There's been quite a bit of migrating going on which I'm very please about. About the only Tribe that hasn't done any moving about are the Treehuggers, who insist of sticking in the Norn Garden so matter how crowded it gets. I've added a teleporter between the Garden and the Norn Terrarium to see if that makes any difference. I'd prefer a portal or door though, as Norns tend to steer clear of teleporters for some reason.

The exciting thing is I might have my first inter-racial couple. Masha has become pregnant and laid an egg. However there were two males with her at the time. The father is either Munch (which disturbs me as that's her son) or Mist the toxic Norn. Below is the mystery egg in question.

Almost straight after laying this egg there was quite a battle between Masha and Munch, and the two Grendels who'd decided to take up residence in the Meso. Perhaps it was a parental instinct, what with the newborn on the way? Either way my Grendel population has been cut in half as the Hardman were the winners of this fight.

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