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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Observations: Norns

Hardman Tribe: The Hardman tribe have suffered their first loss with the death of Rail. I have a hunch he spent too much time complaining about his anger and forgot to tend to other needs, like food.

Interestingly it seems the children are the ones moving about the most, as Munch, Crunch and Masha's son has made his way down to the Meso for some unknown reason. Picking up a cold along the way I dumped him in front of some lemons and he returned to health very quickly.

Bondi Tribe: I've gone ahead and moved the Bondi tribe into the improved Terra Reborn and removed The Burrows. Annoyingly the agent doesn't uninstall correctly and I've been left with the room. It has removed all the agents though, which has given me my speed back.

The adults all seem to be gathered on the one area and overcrowding each other. I'm not sure whether they appreciate the lift access available to them. Kit on the other hand has already left the room and ventured out into the Meso, where he's gone and taught himself English.

More recently Skit has also decided he's had enough of being crowded and gone the step further to visit the Treehuggers! So far all he's done is made them even more crowded, but hopefully something more will result from his visit.

Treehugger Tribe: Nothing special seems to be happening with the Treehuggers other than their continued over-crowdedness and a visit from Skit. A toxic norn has also decided to visit, although he's only stayed on the lower level. He did however bring some macrobacteria with him and left a new one growing. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on their health.

Toxic Tribe: It would appear the Toxic Norns are more deadly than their Hardman cousins. This pictures shows what I believe is the first Grendel death attributed to Norn activity. Look at all that bacteria!

The toxic Norns seem to be the most likely to migrate. They've visited the Meso, Norn Terrarium and Norn Garden, whilst spending most of their time in the jungle or bridge.

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