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Friday, June 4, 2010

Observations: Toxic Norns

Well I've all but given up on having the Toxic Norns populate the Meso as their starting place. Every single one I've hatched has stayed long enough to feed before running off to the jungle terrarium in search of Grendels.

Can't for the life of me figure out why they feel the need to be around their scaly friends. Perhaps there is some instinct that says Grendels are often sick and therefore being around them should be a source of healthy antigens?

Whatever the case I've moved most of the stuff from the meso to the jungle and they seem to be a lot happier there. Although they do occasionally make a trip to the Norn terrarium when they Grendels get frisky. Fingers crossed the Grendels don't beat them to death before they have a chance to encounter the Hardman. The Grendels do seem to leave them alone for the most part though.

Here's a couple of them now. Say hello to Petew and Echew. Petew is the smaller of the two.

I was also more than a little surprised after injecting a macrobateria cage into the jungle to find several more of them spread all around the ship. Not only did I not realise there were plants, but I'm astonished they've made it to most corners of the ship. The Toxic Norns will bring their food wherever they go!


  1. I'd really like the Toxic Norns :(

    1. Hey Lindsay. Sorry for the extremely slow reply (only a year or so late :D).
      Are you implying you never got the chance to purchase the Toxic Norns from the store?

      There are ways to get your hands on the mall breeds without going through the mall. I can't go as far to recommend you do this, as there's some pesky legalities around the whole issue, but when companies aren't willing to take your money...