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Friday, June 4, 2010

Observations: CA restrictions

Did some testing this afternoon to see if I could find the issue with Norns and their lack of lift riding. It would appear that the CA (smells) aren't travelling between floors and therefore the creatures will have no desire to go anywhere.

Experimented with Moe's Room Changer to see if it was the type of environment, but alas it seems to be coded deeper than that. Will be looking into what the problem is exactly, but with my lack of CAOS knowledge it's unlikely I'll personally be able to fix it.

Working CAs

Broken CAs

If I can't find a solution I may need to consider abandoning the use of Terra Nornia. Considering my Toxic norns seem to have little interest in staying in the Norn meso I may be able to switch them around and put the Toxic Norns elsewhere. I really liked the look of the Garbage Dump, but decided not to use it due to it's small size. If the Toxic Norns naturally travel a lot anyway this may not be a problem.

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