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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Observation: Migration and Population

Just a very brief update here as I want to start doing some writing on my ideas for Norn improvement.

My population has increased to 36 Norns. As I predicted I've missed quite a few births and all but given up recording deaths. But I've gone through and done a major update to the family tree, which I'll post later, and caught a whole heap of new names.

Although the population has increased migration isn't happening all that fast. At least 90% of my Norns are still hanging out either in the Norn Garden or the Meso. But there's a lot more in the Meso as opposed to the Garden, so hopefully that's a good sign.

The problem at the moment is that although I've got a handful of Norns in the Norn Terrarium and Desert now, they're all the same sex and obviously can't breed. I guess that's a bit of mother nature luck playing her hand.

I also managed to fix that small lift problem I had simply by using the 'ject "lifts.cos" 7' command. I had a hunch that would fix things, but I wanted to test it in another world first. I'd also noticed the lift next to the Capillata teleporter didn't seem to respond when pushed by Norns. Heaps of them kept gathering at the base of the lift and dying there. This now seems to be fixed so hopefully migration will pick up again.

I've also fixed the nut pods in the Norn Terrarium (had stopped growing again) the same way.

I'm contemplating leaving my computer running tonight to get in a few good hours of wolfing run. At the very least I'll be leaving it running while I watch an episode of 'Torchwood'. Ooooh yeah!

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