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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Observation: Migration and Population

Just another brief update.

The Norns have finally spread through most of the world, with little tribes forming in the Jungle, Norn Terrarium and Norn Garden. The Meso is still mostly unsettled.

The migration is great, but the down side is the population took a bit of a hit in the process. I'm down from 36 to 24 Norns again. I think the moving about has allowed some diseases to spread as a lot of my Norns have been coughing. A natural occurrence when travelling to a new land I guess.

The Norns seem to be settling down a little and starting to breed again, so hopefully the pitty patter of tiny paws will soon fill the Ark again.

I've also thrown in a new Hardman, Treehugger, Apple and Bondi to try and strengthen the lines again. The genetics seem to have been diluted quite a bit by the Chichi tribe and they've lost a lot of what makes them unique.

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