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Thursday, August 26, 2010

SAM 6: A fond farewell

I've been away for about a week, hence the lack of updates recently. I've only been home for a day so it'll still be a little while before I can get another update ready for 'The Island', however I thought it time I finally brought some closure to what happened with SAM 6, my Creatures 3 world.

Unfortunately I can't say the wolfing run ended on the most positive note. The Chichi tribe ended up out breeding all the others and very few of the other tribes genetics seemed to remain in the pool.

At some point I managed to breed an obsessive compulsive Norn, who spent most of her life pushing the vendor buttons in the Meso. A generation or two of Norns ended up getting a free ride in terms of food and I fear they had little ability to fend for themselves.

Once the OCD-Norn passed on the group was left rather forlorn and scattered to the far reaches of the ship. Their numbers dwindled and I ended up with too small a population in each room for the species to really thrive.

I stepped in at this point and moved all the remaining Norns to the Norn Terrarium, but unfortunately with the lack of genetic difference I had begun to lose interest. So the population is currently in cryo.

I'd considered running some different experiments; ones where I have control over the breeding population to see if I could breed some interesting traits. I doubt it will happen any time soon.

I'm currently engrossed in the world of Creatures 2. Although less experimental, I'm finding I'm having a great deal more fun with the Norns themselves. The fact they actually need you to survive is refreshing. Although their lack of eating as they get older is darn annoying.

Anyway, that is the end of SAM for a while. I shall be dedicating my time to learning from my C2 Norns and attempting to make more progress on 'The Island'. I'm currently at a stage where I need to try and make the Norns 'think' for themselves and it's getting quite hairy...

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