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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Island: 2.0...

...well, probably more like 1.2 or something. But 2.0 sounds all Web 2.0 coolness and makes for a better title.

So yes, I think I've finally made enough progress to warrant a new point release. For this release I've decided to leave out the Norn once again as I don't think I've made enough progress and I only want to show things that are predominantly working. That and the whole 360 degree turning of the head is kind of creepy...

In this release there is a completely new movement system (although the old one should still work).

Use the left mouse to pick up and drop objects. Also used for 'pushing' or interacting with the world.

Use the right mouse button and drag to rotate the player. I advise going into full screen mode for this as right click in normal browser mode brings up a context menu and gets really annoying.

Middle mouse for panning (apologies to anyone who doesn't have a middle mouse button. I haven't implemented an alt-click option).

Scroll with the middle mouse to zoom in and out.

You can check out the applets, although without a Norn to interact with they wont do a great deal. Same deal with the 'play' and 'norn view' buttons down the bottom.

The game should now be resolution independent, meaning everyone should be able to see the whole screen without having to scroll in the browser.

Predominantly this release is to let people try out the new movement system and find any bugs I may have missed. Let me know what you find ;) <<< Game Link

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