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Friday, April 1, 2011

Creatures 1: Bella

It's time to start introducing you all to the new characters in my charade.

The first Norn of old Albia is Bella. Approaching 9 hours at the time of writing she is the matriach of the world with a horde of little ones under her.

She hasn't exactly struck me as the brightest Norn, but what she lacks in good eating habits she makes up for in social skills. She is usually found being distracted by other Norns and this seems to have led to her large list of offspring.

Her children at present are:

Peter (M)
Gretel (F)
Bono (M)
Cloe (F)
Jarrod (M)

Whom I will be introducing to you shortly, as well as their fathers.

Since I have laid my hands on both the genetics kit and the D-DNA Analyzer I'm very interested in learning more about genetics and mutations, then hopefully seeing if I can breed some interesting traits.

What I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me is what in the genetics I should be looking for that would be of interest. At the moment I'm keeping a record of neurons, lobes and dendrites (which currently have remained the same in all Norns), as well as any differences from a template Norn the Genetics kit shows me.

The D-DNA Analyzer seems to pick up on a few more differences between Norns and a template, but it's difficult to tell if these are general differences or mutations. Quite a few of the changes are the same for all Norns, so I'm not sure how to interpret that.

Bella has the usual number of Neurons (954), Lobes (9) and Dendrites (4770-6678). She also has a single mutation under 'chemical reactions', but all Norns seem to have at least one of these and I think it may just be due to the mixing of DNA.

Over the next few posts I'll start describing the elder Norns. If anyone is interested in watching something specific in the genetics let me know. At the moment I'm learning by doing comparisons and trial and error.

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