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Friday, April 1, 2011

Creatures 1: Aaron

Introducing Aaron the purple mountain Norn, the second Norn introduced to old Albia. There's a good chance many of you have a copy of him in your own worlds.

Aaron has proven to be a pretty good Norn all round. He breeds relatively well but walks off on his own often enough to be well nourished. He currently has 3 offspring to him name:

Gretel (F)
Zowee (F)
Jarrod (M)

The previously mentioned Bella is his main companion, with Gretel and Jarrod belonging to both of them.

Aaron has 4 chemical reaction mutations, but at present I think they're natural mutations just from being a purple mountain Norn.

Two of these mutations involved Geddonase, which with a quick Google search tells me it is a chemical that eats away at both Glucose and Glycogen, both of which help supply a Norn with energy. Not a particularly good chemical reaction, but I believe a natural one.

The other two mutations involve the dancing chemical (there's a chemical especially for dancing?). A bit of dancing and NFP (need for pleasure) will increase Aaron's overall dancing chemical to the power of 3.
However if he has dancing and boredom in his system, it will decrease his boredom. It appears that if Aaron has a high NFP drive he will dance, this dancing then decreases his boredom. An interesting find.

In other Albian related news my Norns are breeding like rabbits! What gives? I used to play this game when I was around 12 and could never get them to breed. Now I have 10 or so eggs sitting near the beer keg downstairs waiting to be hatched, and about 5 Norns waiting to be re-imported. I guess I must be doing something right? At least they're not nearly as bad as C3 Norns :S

Breeders score is current up to 7366!

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