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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creatures 1: Gorden and Poppet

Gorden and Poppet are the last two Norns of my generation one group. I do have another two I gathered from another computer (Clayr and Mario), however due to the import restrictions I'm currently unable to get them into the world. And with a collection of over 10 eggs waiting to hatch I think it's likely to be a while.


Gorden has been a particularly easy Norn to deal with. Like Bella he has a social streak, but can often be found alone fixing his own hunger issues. This has made him a very good breeder with five children to his name:

Bono (M)
Peter (M)
Bolly (F)
Cloe (F)
Sofie (F)

His children seem to have inherited some of his good behaviours and most of them take care of themselves fairly well.

Gorden is my first Norn to show any interesting mutations and it seems some of his children have interesting ones as well, although not always the same ones.

The D-DNA Analyzer has this to say about a chemical reaction mutaiton:

1Hotness + 1Pain = 1Hotness + 1Punishment
1Hotness + None = 1Hotness + 1Punishment

The top one is his gene, the bottom is that of a template Norn. From what I can gather this means Gorden isn't effected as strongly by heat as other Norns might be. While getting burned will still register in his fluffy little brain, simple heat will have little or no effect.

Gorden also has a chemical emitter mutation, but so far I can't tell if it is significant or not.


Poppet has so far been unlucky with children. Not that she hasn't had her fair share, but only one of her children has actually been hatched. The rest are sitting dorment in eggs while I finish writing up notes on all the current Norns in the world. So far her only child is:

Bolly (F)

At first I didn't think Poppet had any interesting mutations to speak of, but using the D-DNA Analyzer it appears she might do. Here is her mutaiton:

1Adrenaline + 1CO2 = -1SexDrive
1Adrenaline + 1Oestrogen = -1SexDrive

From what I can gather, having adrenaline and oestrogen in a Norns system should reduce their sex drive. However Poppet seems to be missing this. Potentially this could mean an overabundance of sex drive, but it seems to now be linked to CO2 (carbon dioxide). I'm not sure how often Norns come into contact with CO2, and it might keep her sex drive low for most of her life. On the other hand if they don't breath it in too often, she may have a very high sex drive. I will keep monitering her and figure out which it is.

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