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Friday, April 8, 2011

Creatures 1: Update

My goodness it's hard to keep up with these little fluff-balls. I'm no longer counting the eggs I've got sitting under the incubator. There's just far too many of them.

That there is Cloe, the daughter of Bella and Gorden, who I shall introduce to you properly in a future post. As you can see she has a half grown egg sitting behind her. Yet another egg to add to the collection!

My first generation Norns are getting quite old now, but none of them are showing signs of slowing down. They're all still adults and none of them have started growing grey hairs yet. Even more amazing, they're still popping out eggs!

Bella is 14 and a half hours old and I dare not even think how many of the eggs are hers.

Aaron is just over the 13 hour mark and still does a good job of taking care of himself. Of all the elder Norns he's the one who has a smile on his face most often.

Gorden is just short of the 14 hour mark. I do need to go to a little effort getting him to eat but I'm certain there's still a whole heap of eggs that belong to him.

Poppet is one of the bigger challenges to take care of. She doesn't do a lot of eating on her own but she does okay when coaxed. Even with 13 Norns in the world I'm managing to get around to them all and keep their life force above 65% most of the time.

I've introduced a Pow-wow (Cheroki Indian) Norn into the world for a little variation. We will meet Chandan in a later post. I also intend to hatch a pumuckle Norn at some point, but at the moment the world is very much overpopulated.

I recently injected the 24population and 24incubator cobs, allowing me to have a lot more Norns in my world. Unfortunately I didn't realise any Norns above the limit of 13 don't show up in the Norns menu, making it difficult to keep tabs on all my Norns. I'm trying to find a way to undo this but the cobs don't come with any .rcb files, making it impossible to remove. If anyone knows a way of undoing this without starting a new world (and thus losing all my eggs) I'd love to know about it.

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