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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creatures 1: Peter and Gretel

It's been a little while since I got a chance to play Creatures again, so not much in the way of updates. There are some interesting things happening with the Norns, but I'd like to get through naming all the family before I get onto those.

So today I'm introducing Peter and Gretel!


Peter is the son of Bella and Gorden. Born on the 8th of March 2011, at 5:41pm. Peter has one child to his name so far, a daughter called 'Suuki', whom he fathered with the help of Gretel. Suuki is an interesting character, but we'll meet her shortly.

Early in life Peter tended to spend a lot of time alone and as such tended to be a darn good eater and took care of himself quite well. As he's got older he tends to hang around other Norns more and as a result needs a little more personal care.

I've still caught him a few times on his own, staring off into the distance. Usually avoiding eating. He's a bit of an odd one alright, but he's definitely got his own personality.

Peter only has the one mutation I've been able to detect, and I think it's one that's cropped up a few times, not necessarily from parent to child either. Peter has a mutaiton that causes his to feel crowded rather than bored when attempting to sleep.


Gretel tends to be a bit of a handful. Although this photo doesn't show it, she's all grown up now with Children of her own. She is the daughter of Bella and Aaron and the mother of:


Gretel has a rather obvious gait mutation which forces her to lean forward heavily when walking. Although I'm not sure it's an issue for Norns, I'd like to get her some physiotherapy.

Gretel only seems to have the one mutation. It is a stimuli mutation that causes a slight drop in intensity when retreating from objects. What this actually means however, I'm not entirely sure :P

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