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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creatures 1: World Reboot

I've decided to give the world a quick reboot. Well, not so much quick, but we'll get to that...

I've found having the 24 population and 24 incubator cobs isn't quite as nice as I initially thought. As I've said in a previous post, having an increased population limit doesn't actually increase the number of Norns available in your 'Norns' dropdown menu. What this means is that once you get above the population cap of 13, new Norns become very difficult to find and select. You need to search for them manually, which means if they get sick you'll never know about it.

It's also meaning a lot of extra work for me, as I'm having to run around collecting all the new eggs before they hatch. I'd really like to be able to step away from the computer for an hour or so and leave the game running, but I know I'll come back to a world massively overpopulated.

Also I believe, once you reach the population limit your Norns can no longer get pregnant. Although no always a good thing, right now I'd welcome that little feature. I've got more than enough Norns to ensure the species will survive long into the future.

So, I've exported all my current Norns. I've made a backup of the world, just in case. And now I'm hatching all the eggs sitting under the incubator. The performance kit says I've got 47 natural eggs in the world. Minus the 10 or so Norns I've already hatched that means I should have about 37 to go through! I'm just exporting all of them with the file names "Creature_SEX_xx" (eg. Creature_m_02).

Other than their sex and appearance I know nothing about them. The Owners Kit doesn't actually tell you who the Norns parents are until after you register, so I'm pretty well in the dark here.

Once I'm done with all the eggs I'll start a new world and bring in all my old Norns one at a time. I'll give them a quick feed, maybe a sleep, then send them on their way. The fun part is, I believe the import limit is something like 10, while the population limit is naturally 12-13. So I wont be able to import all my old Norns. I'll leave out the youngest for now. When some of my older Norns begin to pass on I'll start importing the new babies I'm hatching right now. Naturally as I import them I'll do a write up and check out their genetics.

So, to conclude. There are 21 new baby females and 14 baby males sitting in my export folder. That makes for a grand total of 35 Norns to be imported! God help us all...

The export folder with all the new baby Norns ready to be imported.

The one egg I couldn't hatch. This egg bugged out on me a long time ago. I'm sure there's probably cobs to fix it, but I think 35 Norns will be more than enough to deal with.


  1. I have been following your work with C1 here for a while and it has been quite enjoyable. I'm starting to get the itch to break out the C1 CD myself, though I cannot recall where I put it, and I know I lost the egg disc long ago. Just thought you might want to know at least someone out there is watching and is enjoying learning about your Norns.

    I'm curious - do you have a strict methodology you use when hatching, training and investigating each individual Norn? What do the other ones get up to in the meantime? And do you have any kind of endgame or direction in mind as you investigate their genetics or are you just wanting to see what happens as they breed and let the chips fall where they may?

  2. Hey Cascad. Yes it's definitely nice to know there are people out there reading so thanks for the post.

    If you can't get your hands on the old CD you could always grab yourself the GoG (Good old games) version. For $10 and the comfort of knowing it works on modern systems I think it's well worth it.

    Answering your questions is actually quite a task. I think it's worth making a post to cover all the points ;)

  3. Thanks for pointing me to GoG.
    You saved me hours trying to find my old creatures CD... and then realizing that it will not work on windows 7. ;)

    Now iv'e got C1 up and little Norns running around.