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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creatures 1: Zowee and Cloe

Introducing Zowee and Cloe!


Zowee is the first and one of the few generation 3 Norns in the world. There are plenty more contained in eggs, but I'm limiting the population at the moment as I find it more enjoyable to have a relationship with each creature.

Zowee is the daughter of Gretel and Aaron. Yes I'm aware that's incest, but with their haploid based genes it's not a big issue. Although there are some potential problems with limiting the gene pool, but with small populations like this it's not terribly different to normal.

Zowee hasn't had any of her eggs hatch yet. She has also been enitrely trained by other Norns. I have possibly taught her a couple of words along the way, but she's never visited the learning computer. Despite that her vocabulary is fairly well on par with the other Norns in the world. They do a good job of teaching each other.

Zowee inherited the typical Purple Mountain Norn genes revolving around Geddonase and the dancing chemical (which I don't really understand terribly well).

She also has a mutaiton to her stimuli whereby upon being slapped by the hand she has a higher sleepiness decrease injection.

Stimuli : 1
93: 'Pointer slaps me' 75Pain + 32Fear + 16Anger + -17Sleepiness -- Zowee's Mutation
93: 'Pointer slaps me' 75Pain + 32Fear + 16Anger + -16Sleepiness


The daughter of Bella and Gorden, Cloe is quite a dear. She eats well and generally takes good care of herself, although she does get distracted by other Norns fairly easily.

Early on in life she had a strange tendency to walk to the left. I found her butting up against the incubator wall quite a lot. She seems to have outgrown this strangeness though.

Currently no kids, but there's bound to be some of her eggs laying about unhatched.

Cloe is the first Norn I've found with some interesting mutations. At first I thought she was the first, but I did some back tracing and I've found this mutation actually started with Bella, one of my first generation Norns. This has the potential to be a problem, as Bella has mothered quite a few eggs and some of these mutations are cropping up regularly.

The first worth discussing is a chemical reaction mutation:

Chemical Reactions: 1
61: 1Hotness + 1Pain = 1Hotness + 1Punishment
61: 1Hotness + None = 1Hotness + 1Punishment

From what I can gather, this means Cloe will not recieve the punishment chemical (the chemical that tells Norns not to do certain actions) when she gets hot. She will only recieve punishment when she is hot AND in pain. This might make it more bearable for her in hot climates, but will still teach her not to touch burning objects. Not necessarily a bad mutation.

The other mutation is another chemical reaction, and this one is a lot more dangerous:

Chemical Reactions: 1
255: 2Antigen4 + 4Glucose = 1Antibody0 + 1Hotness
255: 2Antigen0 + 4Glucose = 1Antibody0 + 1Hotness

It appears that when antigen4 is present in her system she will produce Antibody0, rather than 4. This will make it difficult to recover naturally from antigen4 infections.

I have tested this theory, and it seems that she can still recover from antigen4 infections, although I think the virus may knock her about a little more than other Norns. I haven't had a serious infection spread though Albia yet. It will be intersting to see the impacts on the population when this inevitably happens.

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