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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artwork: Time to leave the ship

Hasn't been a great deal of progress since my last update. Haven't been feeling terribly inspired lately.

But anyway, this update contains the waterfall in the background. I fiddled around with fluids for a little while and wasn't able to get satisfactory results. Playing with particles on the other hand gave me decent results pretty quickly, and with a bit of tinkering I've reached a level I'm pretty happy with.

A combination of multistreak particles for the water and some cloud particles for a little bit of spray down the base of the fall, coupled with a water material for the pond area and here's the result:

Unfortunately the main tree is blocking the majority of the fall so I may need to push things around a little bit more as I'd like to get more water in the shot. The problem is I've got so many details I'd like to get into the shot it's becoming somewhat cramped. Will need to re-evaluate my layout and camera angles at some point.

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