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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creatures 1: The run

Welcome back to my humble little version of Albia. The run seems to be going quite successfully. My population is now maxed out with Tabby finally having her first child. All the Norns seem to be eating and amazingly even sleeping well. I've come back to my computer several times to find three Norns all on the one screen dozing away. They do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves.

The average lifeforce sits anywhere between 60-80%, depending a little on the Norn but mostly on where in the world each Norn is located. A couple of the cobs I have give the Norn a good kick of life, such as the oranges from the orange tree.

And in other exciting new Jeremy has finally aged to his adult body. Although he has yet to father any children he is fertile. Only time will tell if his children end up with the antioxidant -> life gene. Fingers crossed they don't and can live life the way it was intended. For now Jeremy is tormenting Pollen up by the computer. They've been teasing each other for a while but nothing...productive yet.

Tracey (Tabby's and Tony's little girl) appears to be quite a lovely Norn. She has extremely low drives and almost always has a big smile on her face. I'm not yet sure if it's her genetics that keeps her drives so low or if she just takes good care of herself. Hopefully a combination of both.

There does seem to be a reluctancy to breed with this batch of Norns. They have maxed out my population but as of yet I haven't started collecting any eggs. Hopefully they will shortly, as I want at least 8 eggs stockpiled before I consider moving on to the next generation. Still, the average Norn is only 5 hours old, so they've still got at least half their lives to reproduce. I'll wait for their mid-life crisis to be over before they settle down and start raising families.

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