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Monday, May 2, 2011

Creatures 1: Justin

I'm not sure what I'm doing with these first generation Norns, but I'm getting some interesting mutations. Justin is our next Norn, and although I don't think his mutations are enough to exclude him from breeding into the next generation, they are worth talking about.


Justin is still a child as I write this. I keep trying not to get behind in my write ups and for once I seem to be on top of things :P

As with the other Norns I've raised in isolation, Justin has proven to be a good sleeper and eater. Especially the eating part. He still needs some practice at the sleeping part, but there's no doubt he's getting better as he ages.

Justin has had the privilege of meeting Trista. I've been keeping her in the world for this very purpose, as I want her to live has much of her life as possible before I export her to start the run. She serves the purpose of introducing the younger Norns to others of their species, so they shouldn't run away screaming when they're suddenly expected to breed with each other.

Justin appeared nervous meeting Trista for the first time. He discovered her asleep in the lift near the submarine and cautiously crept over to her. He then spent the next minute or two going back and forth between "run Norn" and "push Norn". Eventually he got up the courage to 'push'. Then ran away to eat some carrots while Trista continued snoring.

They've met up a couple of times since then and Justin is slowly becoming accustomed to the company.

As per usual, Justin has the mutations related to ageing properly, so we'll skip over those.

He has a small mutation in Lobe 8, gene 122 which has changed his Max# from 3 to 2. Honestly I've no idea what that means yet.

122: Lobe#8 Dendrite Type 0: Input Lobe =0, Min#=1, Max#=2, Spread=3, Fanout=2
122: Lobe#8 Dendrite Type 0: Input Lobe =0, Min#=1, Max#=3, Spread=3, Fanout=2

He also has a mutation to gene 59, one of the reaction genes.

59: 0 Ado, 1HungerIncrease + 1None -> 1Hunger + 1Punishment
59: 0 Emb, 1HungerIncrease + 1None -> 1Hunger + 1Punishment

This mutation means the reaction in question won't turn on until Justin is in his adolescence stage of life, as opposed to it usually turning on in the embryonic stage.
He will still get hungry, he just won't be punished for it. Considering this mutation is similar to Tabby's, where the gene has been completely removed, hopefully this gene will get passed on.

The other mutation Justin has is one of his instincts.

302: Verb i/ps Left + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + Drive i/ps Pain and 'I left' -> 255Reward
302: Verb i/ps Left + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) and 'I left' -> 255Reward

It appears Justin will only receive the reward chemical when travelling left when he is also in pain. I'm not sure why a Norn would need to be rewarded for walking to the left, so I can't see this being a great issue.

Justin is now the 5th Norn I've hatched. I will hatch one last female from the incubator, then the final two will be hatched using the Genetics Kit. I intend to use two custom breeds to add a little more variety into the mix.

Do we have any requests for what breeds I should use?

I can always download other suggestions, but at the moment I have access to:

Snow Norns
Powwow Norns
Pumuckl Norns
Wood Norns

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