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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creatures 1: Lillai

I've started playing around with some of the third party breeds. So far I've tried a female snow Norn, and a female Pow-wow Norn. At least for now I've decided to forgo the snow Norn, Kosci, as her genetics have been massively altered. Most of it seems to be beneficial, but there are a couple of mutations in there that related to her boredom drive and they seem to be a little nasty.

Without going into too much detail (I'll probably do another post for Kosci later as there's a lot to learn from her) it basically sets up her genes so she is bored a lot of the time and it rises very quickly. I can only assume whoever created them was trying to build a Norn that would play a lot, but her boredom rises faster than she can relieve it, which I feel is a little cruel. I think I can figure out how to reverse most of it, and if I can I might give the breed another go with some subtle changes. With all the different genetic material in them, they could be very interesting to add to the pot.

On an interesting note, Kosci is the only Norn I've had who receives major boredom benefits from playing music. I'd love to be able to keep that.


But on to Lillai. Lillai is the second female Pow-wow Norn I've ever hatched. Unfortunately the first one I hatched (Lilly) had the original age related genetics that the hatchery Norns comes with and I had to go in a tweak the genome a little to remove the antioxidants -> ageing gene.

How very exciting. My first gene manipulation. It will be interesting to see if I've done it properly.

Interestingly, Lillai seems to have a couple of the same genetic tweaks as the Purple Mountain Norns. Again it's the changes to the genes that interact with Geddonase, so I don't quite understand them.

There is another change to one of the Receptor genes (274) that I've seen a few times and I think I've finally figured out what it is.

274: Creature, Sensorimotor, stagger, chem=Dancing...
274: Creature, Sensorimotor, stagger, chem=Alcohol...

I've noticed some of my Norns don't seem to stagger about when drunk, while others do. I'm thinking this might have something to do with it. Instead of stagger about when drunk, I think they might try and dance instead. Which is kind of cute, but I find it really amusing to see a drunk Norn. Reminds me of high school :P


In other news, I've been watching Trista closely for a while now and she seems to be doing well for herself. Very well in fact. She constantly seems to have a big smile on her face and it's got nothing to do with me. Her tiredness and sleepiness drives seem to be low most of the time and I've even caught her sleeping a couple of times. I think she might have managed to overcome her genetic disability and is surviving quite well.

As I want some genetic variation in my gene pool I probably won't include her in the run still, however while she and Justin were sharing the world together she managed to fall pregnant (they were together for all of 10 seconds. Seriously, what happened to romance?) and an egg has been laid. I intend to let this egg hatch later (perhaps during the run) and see how well the child fares. Should be an interesting wild card to throw into the mix.

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