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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artwork: Time to leave the ship

Spent most of the day working on this piece. Been quite a bit of fun but I'm getting sick of tweaking subtle variations in leaves textures. Still, the folliage is looking good. Not only that, but it's starting to look a little wet, like a rainforest should.

The major updates since the last post is the extra folliage. I've added ferns around the base of the tree, some vines to the tree itself, and a whole heap of dead leaves underneath.

I've been struggle for a while with how to get the dead leaves to work. I'd experimented with particles to distribute them but without a lot of success. They just looked a little too generic.

With all the work I've been doing with paint FX though, the answer should have been obvious. Use more paint FX! The dead leaves are just more paint fx with the branches and twigs removed, leaving only the leaves. A little more fiddling to get them lying on the ground and some texture fiddling to make them look dead and this is the result!

I think next I may try working on the Norns hairdo. Still not sure if I'll just give him a head of hair or if I'll do the whole body. Will all depend how good I can make it look, as I haven't done hair on this large a scale before.

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