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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creatures 1: The run

The run has been going...interestingly shall we say. Overall my Norns are pretty good at taking care of themselves. Sadly we have had a few Norns pass away, but that was more due to old age than anything else.

We've also had a couple of new births which I shall share with you shortly. But firstly, I feel we should commiserate the dead.

Sadly, neither Justin or Tony is with us anymore. Justin is quite a loss, as sadly he didn't father any children before passing. Tony has been slightly more successful. Both Norns lived into their old age cycles, although they did seem to reach them fairly quickly.

After reaching old age Tony's life force dropped below 35% and no amount of food or tickles seemed to bring him back up. He did live for quite some time with this low life force, but in the end it got the better of him.

In happier news there are two new baby Norns running about the world. Billy is the first of our new Norns. He is the son of Beatrice and Jake, making him the first generation 3 Norn born in the world.

He has reached his childhood, but he is still too young to know his personality traits.

Our next baby Norn has litterally just hatched. I have named him Abe and he is the child of Tracey and Jake, making him another generation 3 Norn. His first act upon hatching was to eat, and shortly after he's taken his first nap, so I have high hopes for him.

I must confess I'm a little worried about my population. Although they are breeding and are keeping my population maxed out I'm not collecting any backup eggs yet. This is making my experiments difficult to conduct. My hope was to breed a strong batch of generation 2 Norns, then be able to select the best from them to breed the third generation. Being that we are now already getting into the third generation without an egg supply I have yet to do any breeders selecting.

For now I shall let the run continue and see if natural selection doesn't do a good job all by itself. As long as the population remains high I will let things go, but if it starts to drop I will consider restarting the run. If I do a reboot I will take great care to only breed the Norns I want and try to eliminate any inferior genes.

Adolf, eat your heart eat ;)


  1. I swear I see bananas in the second picture...

  2. That you do ;)
    There's a cob that injects that near the waterfall. It's actually become one of my favourites.