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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another new blog

So I'm at it again, voicing my opinion and selling my charm. I've started up yet another blog (that's 3 now, how am I going to keep up with all this!?) and I'm looking for an audience.

I really need to emphasise this blog is not going to be for everyone, and honestly I won't be surprised if the people that read this blog get nothing from my new one.

I have a strong interest in religions, faiths, education and critical thinking. I've been contemplating starting up a blog to express my views for a while now and with some conversations I've had recently I've decided to finally get into it.

Now, I'm an atheist and I understand that can upset some people. I'm also a strong atheist, which means I not only don't believe, I actively disbelieve and I've got some pretty strong opinions about it. I also have some strong opinions about many other topics that tend to offend people, and this new blog is where I intend to house those discussions.

As an example and admittedly somewhat of a deterent to weed out those who are easily offended, I've made my first post on this new blog about swearing. Yes, I do use the 7 dirty words. If this kind of thing gets under your skin I strongly advise you to avoid this new blog.

If however you don't mind having your brain mooshed around a bit, you like philosophy and theological discussions, don't mind swearing and enjoy having your opinions critiqued then please hop on over and leave a post or two.

And remember, ignorance is not bliss. Remain inquisitive.


  1. You're gonna be murdered by all non atheists that read you're blog you know.

  2. Good luck with the new blog! I tend to steer clear of swearing whenever possible, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and actions. I just hope you'll be able to devote a bit of time to Creatures with all of the blogs! Hopefully it all works out for you!

  3. @Rob: Haha, no doubt. Thankfully no one yet knows where I live. Hopefully I can keep it that way :P
    Then again, if people wish you hard simply for disagreeing with them, then these kinds of blogs are probably needed.

    @DA: Generally that will be the point I try and make; live and let live, each to their own, if it harm no other do as you will...that kind of thing. This blog will definitely have some strong opinions and will often be a bit of a rant, so I'm not at all offended if people spend their leisure time reading elswhere. I still think Creatures will be a major priority though ;)