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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creatures 1: Sickness!

Wow, just had a really scary hour or so. Usually I try to pad my posts out a little (often too much) and put up a post once a week or so.

With the time I've just had though I wanted to throw up a post right away while it was all still fresh.

After Pollen's case of the sniffles I thought I would be okay for a while and I could work on getting those last few eggs I wanted. Although I'm now up to 11 eggs(!!) it wasn't without it's struggles. Here is one of the last happy picture for a while. Pollen's egg is the latest to our batch and the second last one I'm going to need.

First it was Tony. He and Tabby were enjoying a lovely get away on the island and I was very hopeful for another egg. Here they are all cuddled up with each other. Dreafully cute.

Although they seemed to be getting close, before the final pop was kissed I noticed Tony starting to cough. His health bar shot downwards and I quickly moved him away from Tabby via the submarine.

I was very glad I did as his health dropped below 30% even faster than Pollen's had done with the antigen7 bug. Quickly throwing open the science kit I discovered it was an antigen0 bug. Apparently this is a particularly nasty one as the antibody0 that cures it rises excruciatingly slow. Before Tony's antibody was halfway towards curing him, Pollen decided she wanted to join the party.

I very quickly seperated them but I was far too slow. No sooner had I pushed the lift button to drag Tony up to the second level of the Grendel tree did I noticed Pollen start spluttering. Instead of laying down to rest she decided she wanted to run off after the other Norns, perhaps not realising yet how serious her illness was.

She only managed a single cough into Trista face but it was enough. Instantly Trista being coughing too. I managed to get Trista to the lower level beneath the piano and Pollen to the height of the Grendel tree where I started caring for all three Norns.

Naturally these three are the worst eaters in all of Albia, and with them coughing so freqently it was almost impossible to get food into them. Somewhat fortunately the disease came with a heafty dose of sleep toxin and they spent a lot of time dozing, allowing me the time to treat the other two Norns.

The antibody0 took ages to rise in their systems. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to hasten a Norn through their illness. It appears it needs to run it's course and the only thing you can do is make sure they're well fed and rested. I've gone through quite a few lemons and oranges in the last half hour. It wouldn't surprise me if the oranges saved their lives, as all the Norns dropped to around 25% at some stage.

Eventually after a lot of running back and forth trying to force extra food down throats the Norns began to recover. First Tony, then much later Pollen and shortly after her Trista all peaked their antibody0 levels and the antigen0 began to decrease. I continued to give them the little extra care they needed but with the worst of it over they began to start looking after themselves again.

Aside from not losing any Norns with this disease, there is one plus side that seems to have occured. All three Norns seem to be better sleepers. As with most Norn learning curves, practice helps and often times Norns don't get a lot of practice sleeping. It would likely make the game somewhat dull if they did. But with the sleep toxin in their systems they spent a good deal of time practising throwing 'ZZZZZs' into the air and they seem to be a little better off for it. I guess time will tell if this is still just their getting over the sickness or if it's a permanent learning.

11 eggs down! Who will get the last egg!? :O


  1. Wow! Your bout of bad luck with illnesses seems almost as unlucky as mine. Poor Pollen had to get herself sick again: It's a good sign that she's been able to recover on both occasions, though! I remember an odd mutation from a long time ago where the Norn would produce a different antibody when affected by an antigen. In effect, he was completely defenseless against an antigen. He was lucky not to contract an illness!

    Almost to your goal! This reminds me that I need to spend a good deal of time in my world pretty soon: I think we only have about seven eggs! I think my goal will be to get to 16 for each successive generation. That gives me enough to have two "waves" of births, in case things go badly. About half of my unborn Norns have some serious learning mutations. I'm looking forward to finding out about what genetic mutations occurred in your world!

  2. This is about as exciting as creatures gets I supose, I was on the edge of my seat while reading this.