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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creatures 1: Selective Breeding

Things have been going well in my Albia. As you can see in the image below Tabby has laid yet another egg and appears extremely pleased with herself. The egg is still maturing and so far Tabby hasn't left the garden. She appears to be a very vigilant mother.

The next image will tell you why I'm not sure who the father is. The Norns have been doing quite well for themselves so I thought I'd let them all run free for a bit. They seem to have enjoyed the experience and have spent the whole time chatting and grouping around the one ball in the garden. They're all starting to get a little hungry, tired and grumpy now, so I think I'll seperate them for a while and build up their stregth again.

I had a bit of a scare recently. Pollen, the female Purple Mountain Norn hadn't been eating for a while. As I was trying to get her to munch on some carrots she suddenly started sneezing. Fortunately all the other Norns were off playing beyond the garden at that point and quarantine wasn't an issue. I was quite worried about this, as I had all my Norns in the world at this point and if the virus has spread it could have been disasterous.

The illness was quite severe and Pollen's health dropped from around 76% down to 35% in a matter of minutes. I was genuinely worried I was going to lose her as I was struggling to find what the problem was and her health was dropping way too fast.

She had already been having issues eating and now every time she went to take a bite she'd be struck by a massive dose of sneezes which put her into the spinning animation that's quite common when in pain.

Ironically just as I found the culpret her antibodies kicked in and Pollen started to recover. She jumped back up to around 48% pretty quickly, and is now recovering more slowly. Fortunately it looks like the worst is over. Just need to keep her well fed now.

7 eggs down, 5 more to go! Which Norns will get to pass on their genes to the last few eggs. We're more than half way now!

EDIT: 7? What am I blathering about? Try 9!!! 3 More to go!

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  1. I, too, have found that Norns can function on their own for a period of time, but they usually need a bit of help remembering to eat and sleep! The illness looks like it was pretty scary: Sometimes the life force is unaffected, or falls minimally. I start getting worried at about 45%, and I bet it was a pretty scary time! I'm glad that Pollen pulled through, though, and that you've got a lot of next generation eggs!