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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creatures 1: Selective Breeding

It seems I've reached my number of eggs in good timing. The generation one Norns of Albia are starting to show their grey hairs, in some cases literally.

I've reimported all the Norns after taking care of their basic needs and they're all frolicking together again.

Trista is the first to reach old age. And at 8 hours and 20 minutes old I'm not surprised. She has done well to keep her youthful appearance this long.

Sadly my last Grendel passed recently; I can't remember if I introduced him at any stage. This has however allowed a new Grendel to hatch, and for the first time I get to see the baby Grendel sprites I installed ages ago! They're so tiny and cute!

As you can see from this shot Tony has been the next to succumb to old age. His grey hairs cropped up much earlier than Trista's at only 7 hours and 37 minutes. I don't think there was anything in his genetics to do this, but he hasn't been as good an eater as Trista and it may have been a lack of food and stress that caused his faster aging.

Despite having all the Norns in the world and hearing plenty of kiss-pops there hasn't been any new pregnancies. I have a gut feeling there may not be any more due to the aging population. We can still cross our fingers and hope though!

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  1. Baby Grendels are absolutely adorable! I love how tiny they are. Their little walk is the cutest, as well. I've found that older Norns are pretty difficult to breed: It's usually the males that cause a problem! I've had some luck with isolating a male, feeding him like crazy, and keeping him free from boredom. In one case, his testosterone level went from nothing to about half or three-quarters of its usual maximum. It was enough for a successful kiss pop! Hopefully you'll have at least one more egg from the first generation!