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Monday, August 8, 2011

Creatures 1: Selective Breeding

Albia has been relatively peaceful the last few hours. The males low testosterone levels have made it very difficult for additional pregnancies, although Heartly is still young and vigorous enough to have a chance.

For the most part I've been leaving the Norns to themselves, stepping in periodically to make sure everyone is reasonably well fed.

As you can see Justin has been the next to succumb to old age, getting his wrinkles at 7 hours and 42 minutes.

Justin and Tony have become to old men of the island, spending all their time there. They seem to have even chased off the resident Grendel!

But that's okay, as Treyborn (who has aged beyond his tiny status) has found a new friend in Lillai. Lillai seems to have an affinity for the Grendels and seems to like hanging out with them.

This shot makes it look like Treyborn is gazing off at the far mountain. Perhaps they're contemplating if that's the mountain Pollen came from?

Speaking of which, Pollen has decided to join the old men on the island. Having spent a fair bit of time alone recently I'm hoping she enjoys the company.

You really need to clean out your submarine periodically. The Norns tend to leave such a mess. 2 carrots, a moldy bit of cheese, a honey pot and...oh that's where the recorders been hidden!

On the other side of the world Heartly and Tabby decided to have a beer and banana party to themselves, much to the disgust of Trista, who not only is too old for such games anymore also wasn't invited!

Strangely Trista seems to have taken a liking to the bananas and has been gobbling them up. This is a fantastic change as she usually doesn't eat well. Theoretically honey, cheese, carrots and bananas are all classified as 'food' and the Norns can't tell them apart. I do wonder sometimes, as my Norns have always seemed to prefer one food type over another.

Curses, they left the shower on again!

I can't help but feel Heartly would really like one more egg to his name. Although not high, his testosterone level has been sitting around the 40% mark. If his sex drive would kick in he might get lucky. Maybe some tomatoes would help?

Heartly has taken to playing with the eggs, and takes great joy in parading them around in front of the girls. Unfortunately I don't remember which egg belongs to which Norns, however it amuses me to think he's actually showing off his future children.

Still no deaths in Albia yet, but the time can't be too far away. Trista is sitting at a comfortable 9 hours and 50 minutes, with Lillai trailing at 9 hours and 7 minutes (goodness she hasn't even got wrinkles yet. Although I'm not 100% sure if the Powwow Norns have old age sprites). All the Norns are quite healthy though, with everyone sitting comfortably over 70% health. There's still some life in these blighters yet.


  1. Everyone looks like they're enjoying life! Beautiful picture of Treyborn gazing at the mountain: It's one of my favorite areas of Albia, even if it is one of the most unrealistic geographical elements.

    Great tip about the submarine: I once found most of the honey pots, a bunch of carrots and cheese, and many toys in mine! Maybe the Norns want their items to go on a neverending underwater adventure. Ha ha!

    It's great to see everyone doing so well, even in old age. I believe the average life span for my first generation Norns was a little under 11 hours: Hopefully your Norns will also live to an advanced age, too!

    How many second generation eggs do you have? Glad you didn't have a Ranulf in your world! I still can't believe how many eggs he fathered. Good luck!

  2. From memory I've got 13 eggs sitting down below the incubator. But there's another two eggs I didn't get to in time that hatched.

    It looks like Heartly got his wish of fathering another egg. Not long after I posted I saw Trista's pregnancy indicator go off and the only male nearby was Heartly. Although the eldest Norn she laid her egg and is doing quite well.

  3. Sounds like a good number of eggs! I'm still a little anxious about having such a large number of second generation Norns... Might be a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure it will work out!

    Also, I remember we had talked about exchanging Norns between our worlds at some point: I'm thinking that the third or fourth generation would be a good place to start! It might be a little while for me, but let me know if that sounds good! It will be nice to add a little variety to the gene pool in this way.

    Congratulations to Trista and Heartly, by the way! Old age never slows these creatures down!