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Friday, August 12, 2011

Creatures 1: Selective Breeding

The first generation Norns continue to age, with Pollen and Heartly becoming elegible for seniours cards.

Some Norns age gracefully. I think Pollen is just a little upset to discover her new wrinkles.

Heartly on the other hand has taken it well in his stride. Rather than being put off by old age he took the oppertunity to get Trista pregnant, most likely for the last time as she is the eldest Norn in Albia.

Satisfied with his work, Heartly has spent a great deal of time sleeping since then.

Actually as the elderly keep getting older there seems to be a lot more sleeping going on. Only two Norns retain their youthful appearances; Tabby and Lillai. Tabby has led a very peaceful life, rarely needing too much food and almost always in good spirits. Lillai hasn't done too badly either, although I'm still not sure if her youthful appearance is due to a healthy lifestyle or a lack of sprites.

Strangely some of the Norns have become better eaters in their elder years. Trista has ping-ponged between a good eater and bad eater most of her life, but seems to be eating well now. Personally I think she's just taken a liking to bananas.

Heartly and Tabby have remained good eaters for most of their life, so it's not much of a surprise to see them continuing to do so.

Trista is sitting just short of 11 hours. Lillai is just over 10. Tony, Heartly and Justin are all sitting around the 9 and a half hours mark. Tabby is just short of 9 hours and Pollen is only 8 and a half.

With most of the Norns into their elderly years I will be very surprised to see any more pregnancies at this stage. But with 12 eggs laying in wait, and 2 more that accidently hatched the next generation is well and truly secured. For now I'll do my best to keep the Norns comfortable for the remaining few hours they have left.


  1. Everyone looks like they're getting on quite well in old age! One reason for the increased sleep could be attributed to one gene that affects elders, and make them more tired after traveling. Some of my older Norns also became better eaters in the twilight of their lives: If only they had tried it out earlier, then they could have lived a bit longer!

  2. The one week I forget to check your blog is the week you decide to post tons of posts :P.