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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The end of generation 1

An ageless face, forever young,
Beauty encased in time,
Lillai departed not long ago,
Forever in her prime.

 A friend, a mother, another face missed,
The second last to leave,
Pollen's time upon this world was so short,
To her memory will we cleave.

The last to leave was dear Tabby,
A trooper through and through,
Say 'hello' to Tony, Trista and Heartly,
Justin, Pollen and Lillai too.

The great Norns have past at last,
Their memory will remain,
We turn our attention now to the futre,
 The circle comes round again...

 R.I.P - Lillai, Pollen and Tabby.


  1. It's sad to see the first generation come to an end. Although they all will live on through the next generation, saying that final goodbye to the foundation Norns is never easy. Excellent tribute to them all. I look forward to meeting the next generation!

  2. Tabby managed to live to an impressive 13.5 hours. She hung around so long I started to feel bad for her and hatched a couple of the next generation.
    In that final photo you can see 'Totem'. As you can see by the legs, Totem is her child.

    I've already hatched and recorded two of the next generation. I look forward to introducing them.
    Already one of them seems to have a lobe mutation, so I might be asking for your help in decoding it.