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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creatures 1: Gen 2


Lentil is the second child of Pollen and Justin, making him the brother of Javas and half brother to Maelstrom and Stephanie. He was born three days ago on the 16th of October, at 11:26 at night.
Lentil seems like quite the average Norn. He eats fairly well, although he's yet to be tested with other Norns around. He doesn't seem to sleep often, but he does sleep soundly at least.
He does seem to have become a little obsessed with lifts, going up and down constantly unless interrupted or very hungry.


Although Lentil has quite a few mutations from the average Norn, most of them are from his mother and are part of the PMN set of genes. He only has the one mutation that is all his own.

***** RECEPTORS *****
325: 44 0 Sen B Creature, Somatic, die of old age, chem=Ageing, thresh=5, nom=104, gain=255

***** EMITTERS *****
136: 5 0 Emb B MutDupCut, Brain, Noun i/ps, # Loose dens/cells type 0, chem=NFP

136: 5 0 Emb B MutDupCut, Creature, Sensorimotor, I'm Asleep, chem=NFP

154: 14 1 Ado F MutDupCut, Creature, Reproductive, I am fertile, chem=Crowdedness, thresh=0, samp=20, gain=7

***** REACTIONS *****
59: 3 0 Ado B MutDupCut   1*Hunger++ + 1* => 1*Hunger + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8.
59: 3 0 Emb B MutDupCut   1*Hunger++ + 1* => 1*Hunger + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8.

321: 60 0 Emb B MutDupCut, 5*Geddonase + 5*Glucose => 5*Geddonase + 1*; half-life = 72.

322: 61 0 Emb B,  2*Geddonase + 3*Glycogen => 1*Geddonase + 1*; half-life = 88.

323: 62 0 Emb B, 1*Dancing + 1*NFP => 3*Dancing + 1*; half-life = 128.

324: 63 0 Emb B, 1*Dancing + 2*Boredom => 1*Boredom + 1*; half-life = 112

***** HALF-LIVES *****

1: Dancing 48 
 1: Dancing 255

100: 11 0 Emb B Mut 'Heard user speak' causes sig=16, neu=5(User has spoken), int=254, sensed even when asleep,
=> 32*BoredomDecrease + 16*LonelinessDecrease + 0 + 0
100: 11 0 Emb B Mut 'Heard user speak' causes sig=16, neu=5(User has spoken), int=255, sensed even when asleep,
=> 32*BoredomDecrease + 16*LonelinessDecrease + 0 + 0


325: PMN have  their genes set out slightly differently, so instead of gene 320, the die of old age gene has been shifted to 325. Don't worry, this doesn't make any difference from the Norns perspective.
136: This one is still a little too complex for me to figure out. From what I can tell in normal Norns this gene has something to do with 'Need for pleasure' while the Norn is sleeping. Presumably it decreases this need which should reward the Norn for sleeping. It is possible it increases it, which would probably wake the Norn up after a while. As to what this mutation does I'm really not sure. Hopefully someone might be able to help?
154: I'm not entirely sure why this counts as a mutation. In the Genetics Kit it does say this gene should turn on at the 'Youth' stage rather than adulthood, but I've seen this crop up before and I'm not sure if it's just a difference in how the Kit and the DDNA Analyzer read the gene file.
59: We've seen this gene before in Justin and his offspring. This pushes HungerIncrease turning into Hunger and Punishment back until adulthood. Again, I think this will be beneficial, assuming it doesn't confuse the Norns once they reach this stage of life.
321-324: This set of genes are specific to the PMN. I'm yet to figure out what Geddonase does, and the Dancing chemical seems a little confusing in the PMN.
1: There's that Dancing half-life again. This is another gene that's prominent in the PMN. Having a smaller half-life like that means the chemical will be flushed from his system much faster. As to what the Dancing chemical does I'm still not entirely sure.
100: The only mutation Lentil has that was passed down to him. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) all it does is reduces the intensity of hearing the user speak. This would probably be a disadvantage to the Norn, however being so small it won't matter.

I can't tell you get who I'll be introducing yet as I've caught up to my hatching and don't rightly know! Lentil is just about to be exported, but I think I'll hatch the next Norn and introduce the two first.
Down to four eggs and soon to be three! The second generation is just about ready!


  1. I remember that in C2, the dancing chemical would trigger a certain "dance" gait in golden desert norns (and breeds based on them). But no idea if it has a similar effect or not in C1. Cwiki simply states that it, "reduces Need for Pleasure and Boredom over time." Someone else more familiar with C1 might know better.

    A lift obsession... maybe a sign of a good explorer? I suppose time will tell.

  2. It won't help if he decides to go up, down and then only explore.

  3. Aww, another adorable baby Norn! Gene 136 is actually titled "Become in need of titillation" in the Genetics Kit. It basically increases Need for Pleasure in a sleeping Norn. I kind of disagree with this, since it means that sleeping creates some type of punishment. It's almost like a Norn has to wake up and do something, rather than feeling fully refreshed.

    Lentil's mutation is pretty odd, if I'm reading it correctly. It looks at the noun lobe in the brain, and in particular, considers the number of loose type 0 dendrites. There is almost no information available that would explain what this means. This setup is used in gene 124, which signals loose dendrites and releases DecASH1. It looks like Lentil will also release Need for Pleasure, although I'm not positive if this makes any sense!